Gamification of Packaging

I begun thinking about my final project idea some months ago and this week I talked about it with some colleagues to get some feedback from different kind of people. I could only draw a very quick scheme for it, but the product service canvas was pretty helpful to understand the elements involved.

The idea is to:

  • Develop a food tray (or packaging for other goods) made with fabric and a bio-material resin.
  • The two elements create a resistent composite material.
  • The fabric would be folded and shaped in the desired form with vacuum forming or a press.
  • The resin should be good enough to hold the food or other material for the time needed for delivery.
  • Washing or soaking for sometime in water should dissolve the resin and release the folded fabric.
  • The fabric is either a ready to use garment (a t-shirt) or a module (or more than one) that is part of a modular open fashion system.
  • Gamification of the collectible items create the desire from the consumer to choose the company/restaurant that offer the service.
  • We save Earth.
  • Collectible Environment Friendly Packaging

    Collectible Environment Friendly Packaging

    Collectible Environment Friendly Packaging

    Product service canvas

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